Value-based Contracts

Value-based contracting services allow Medical Advantage Group to help lower health care costs, increase overall access to care and improve outcomes. And we believe better outcomes translate to healthier people.

We have a broad vantage point when it comes to value-based contracts, because we work with both payers and providers to help guide them on how to transition from fee-for-service to value-based payment. It is no surprise that payers and providers have opposing viewpoints, considering they usually have competing financial incentives. Medical Advantage Group is well versed in a variety of value-based contracts and provides clients with valuable insight on levers poised for negotiation.

We develop and implement payment models and assist physicians and organizations to maximize financial success in their contracts. We offer our clients the implementation support necessary to actually achieve what other companies can only talk about.

Our focus is coaching practices and organizations to meet cost efficiency and/or quality targets. We also engage in practice transformation that allows the adoption of technology and processes that transform how care is delivered.

Medical Advantage Group understands value-based contracts and how to facilitate physicians and organizations to maximize financial success.

Medical Advantage Group helps clients design a road map to effective population health management through successful value-based contracting. Our services include:

  • Patient population assessment
  • Analysis of efficiency opportunities
  • Identification of assumptions for reducing unnecessary utilization, shifts in delivery of care, and gaps in infrastructure
  • Work plan and budget development (including physician and organization incentive payment models)
  • Contract negotiation
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