PO Management and Consulting Services

Clients consider us their “go-to” when developing strategies and new programs that utilize value-based design. We also implement those plans and programs by setting strategies into motion by providing every necessary detail.

Medical Advantage Group provides this powerful infrastructure support (training, guidance, and implementation staff) to a wide variety of health care providers:

  • Independent Physician Associations (IPAs)
  • Physician Hospital Organizations (PHOs)
  • Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)
  • Clinically Integrated Networks (CINs)

Our approach positions clients to succeed in value-based reimbursement programs. In addition, we provide a comprehensive suite of administrative services that supply customized support to organizations and their members for equal success in value-based contracts.

Our services include:

  • Aligning physicians into IPA, PHO or CIN organizational structures in order to participate in pay-for-performance programs such as ACOs and risk contracts
  • Providing overall operational and administrative management for the organization, including:
    • Governance structures (board of directors, committees)
    • Meeting planning (shareholder, committees, board of directors)
    • Facilitation of shareholder elections
    • Strategic planning
    • Business development (state and federal demonstration projects)
    • Marketing and communications (web site development and management, print and electronic communications)
    • Financial analysis, management and reporting
    • Business intelligence, data analytics and reporting
    • Membership (criteria development, recruitment and management)
    • Credentialing
  • Implement and manage organization participation in value-based and risk contracts, providing full infrastructure support
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