Health Plan Solutions

The keys to reaching value-based reimbursement goals, improving quality, reducing costs, and generating healthier populations are in your data, waiting to be discovered and implemented in the practice. This is where Medical Advantage Group’s health plan solutions can help. We bridge the gap between your organization and the point-of-care.

Change the Way Your Practices Work with Medical Advantage Group’s PracticeCatalyst™

Medical Advantage Group’s PracticeCatalyst™ fills a critical void in the population health market through providing REAL actionable analytic insights for quality and cost improvements. Unlike data warehouses and software tools, our PracticeCatalyst™ methodology applies actionable insights to your physician network to ensure the essential changes are being made to improve quality outcomes at the point-of-care.

Through PracticeCatalystTM, we deploy our team of health care analytic experts to review your data and identify actionable insights to drive performance improvement. Armed with these insights, we leverage our field team of quality improvement experts to go directly into your practices to drive HEDIS quality improvements at the point-of-care.

Think of us as the last mile in your population health management journey. You know the related challenges and performance gaps; now let Medical Advantage Group empower you at the point-of-care to reach your value-based reimbursement goals, improve quality, reduce costs, and generate healthier populations through PracticeCatalyst™.


  • Team of experienced quality improvement consultants for in-practice improvements
  • Proprietary HEDIS quality improvement toolkit including tools, templates, best practices
  • Scalable and replicable system
  • Improves internal data and reporting capabilities
  • Provides data cleaning and integration
  • Garners actionable analytic insights
  • Delivers continuous quality improvement at point-of-care
  • Offers ongoing data collection and practice monitoring
  • Supports HEDIS education
  • Provides billing and coding training


  • Ability to increase HEDIS quality metrics
  • Improves relationships with in-network providers
  • Provides closure to identified gaps in care
  • Increases value-based revenue
  • Strengthens market position
  • Provides more comprehensive patient data
  • Reduces physician practice administrative burden

Talk with one of our Health Plan Solutions experts

We partner with you and provide a unique holistic approach to population health management that embeds trusted advisors in the medical practice to work side-by-side with physicians to create sustainable actions in how care is delivered. With over 20 years of unrivaled experience maximizing health plan, delivery systems, and physician’s success in value-based care, we are uniquely positioned to serve as the bridge between your organization and physicians. Our PracticeCatalyst™ solution helps your organization attain higher quality performance and ensure patients receive the best possible outcomes while maximizing your value-based care incentive opportunities.Medical Advantage Group CEO Paul MacLellan