Medical Advantage Group is closely monitoring the developments of COVID-19. With the heart of our business focused around providing onsite expertise and guidance to providers – we are updating our services to best meet our clients in this time. What does that mean for you?

Remote Consulting:

We have enabled our entire staff to work remotely during this time. For their safety and yours. Those with an in-practice coach or consultant, please reach out to them if you have questions, many of our services can still take place 1:1 – but will be moved to remote/virtual meetings until further notice. For our rural practices, we are available on the phone as well.

Telehealth Consulting Services:

We have bolstered our telehealth consulting services – as many providers are struggling with guidance around telehealth requirements and reimbursements – we’ve expanded our team, our offerings and our hours to support the many providers who are migrating to telehealth. Our team can help you rapidly operationalize a telehealth program that engages patients and simplifies virtual patient visits. In hours, not days. Learn more here.

We’re working hard to stay ahead of the situation and potential impacts to our clients, consultants. Thank you for partnering with Medical Advantage Group.