Reduce Medical Office Staff Frustration with an EHR Super User

Olivia Williams, In-Practice Technology Services Associate Electronic Health Records (EHR)

EHR super user

With electronic health record (EHR) systems becoming more complex, end users are falling behind, causing much frustration. Trying to keep up with updates or even switching to a new EHR due to all the regulations and required certifications, one can see how easy it is to fall behind. Even those who can keep up typically are not using the system to its full potential. One effective way to stay ahead of ever changing EHRs is to appoint an EHR super user.

EHR Super User Defined

An EHR super user is a person within the practice who understands the system and best practice workflows. This is someone the rest of the staff can look to for guidance and can also train new hires, as well as work with staff who have changed roles within the practice.

It is recommended EHR super users attend all trainings and stay knowledgeable with system updates. It is then their responsibility to provide the rest of the staff with updated information. Keeping the staff informed with pertinent updates will help prevent end users from falling behind and becoming frustrated with the EHR.

In a situation where it is a large practice or a practice with more complex workflows, more than one EHR super user can be appointed. If there are several staff members willing to commit themselves as an EHR super user, the knowledge and responsibility can be spread across many roles, (i.e. an EHR super user for the front desk, a super user for nurse/medical assistant, and a super user for physicians).

When selecting an EHR super user, some practices recruit volunteers while others appoint their super user(s). Look for EHR super users with the following qualities:

  • Understands practice workflow
  • Knowledgeable about computers
  • Learns quickly
  • Keeps track of updates and shares with practice staff

Whether you are converting to a new EHR or continuing with your current system, an EHR super user can be very beneficial.

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