How Outsourcing Your Medical Billing Will Save You Money

Candace Lewis, Director, Revenue Cycle Management Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

medical billing

A physician’s focus should be treating patients. However, with all the changes in health care, we see more physicians focused on medical billing and revenue cycle management, rather than on patients.

What are the benefits to outsourcing your medical billing?

  • Team Approach. Many physician practices have one or two medical billers. Think about the progress that can be made reducing your outstanding claims with a team of people working on them. Outsourcing your billing comes with a team approach. Multiple people are available to clean up accounts, review claims and post payments. Their priority is ensuring these tasks are completed timely. They are not being pulled in other directions and when out of the office, there are several other individuals who can ensure the job is completed.

  • Up-to-Date on Changes. There are so many changes impacting physicians that it is impossible to have a pulse on all of them. Outsourcing your billing takes the burden off the practice as it relates to revenue cycle updates. Procedure coding, payment changes, quality programs and insurance guidelines updates are just a few of the ever-changing items in health care and medical billing companies stay abreast of.
  • Ensure Compliance. Having certified coders to review each progress note before the claim is submitted is key. A Certified Professional Coder has extensive education and training to ensure they have the knowledge to comply with payer guidelines. Having the documentation reviewed prior to claim submission will ensure the following: the level of service selected by the physician has been documented appropriately, all services performed have been captured, and claims contain all appropriate modifiers.
  • Reduce Billing Errors. Outsourcing your medical billing reduces errors by denials being elevated and processes put in place to ensure claims are paid accurately and timely.

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