10 In-practice Interventions to Improve Quality

Carrie Spunar, Director, Marketing Health Plan Solutions

quality of care

Health plans have much at stake in this value-based care market. Those hoping to outpace their competitors and reap the rewards of value-based arrangements need to establish an approach that will provide hands-on help to physician practices. This requires relatively small yet targeted investments to help practices modernize their daily operations and streamline care delivery to create a positive return on investment. One of the most valuable is investing in consultants (or in-practice coaches) to spend time in practices – implementing interventions, getting buy-in, and most of all, training and developing processes and workflows to make a lasting impact.

As value-based contracting arrangements continue to expand, health plans and physician practices are becoming increasingly dependent upon each other for survival.

So, what are some interventions you can put into place in-practice to help physicians succeed, improve quality of care, and what impact will it have?

quality of care

Increasing the Quality of Care

Medical Advantage Group has produced results by providing in-practice “coaching” utilizing these interventions to move the needle on important performance metrics and drive change in the physician office, increasing the quality of care, stars ratings, and ultimately revenue. Using these interventions, we have seen 107% improvement in quality performance for primary care practices:

quality of care

And 52% improvement in quality for a group of 900 network providers over a 4-year period:

quality of care

Learn more about this approach in our white paper, and reach out for more information!


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